A Close Encounter

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This year we had the immense privilege to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda this year. You can see the photos here.  We trekked for just over an hour to reach the Sabyinyo family and were waiting quietly for be given the all clear by the trackers to visit the family and watch silently from a respectful distance.

As we pushed through the trees and vines we met this very polite elder statement of the family.  We had stood within a couple of meters for 5 minutes before he decided that he was going to go and find a comfy spot for a mid morning nap.

We were standing directly in his path.  As he approaches Karen you can see her desperately trying to evaporate.   An encounter that neither of us will ever forget.  Rather than wait for her to succeed in her attempt to evaporate our friend simply waited for her to step to one side so he could continue on his way.

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